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Short NamePepBank
Full NamePepBank Peptide Database
Last ObservedFebruary 9th, 2017
DescriptionPepBank is a database of protein-peptide interactions based on sequence text mining and public peptide data sources. An additional, smaller part of the database is manually curated from sets of full text articles and text mining results.
Sample Data URL 
Data SourcePrimary
AvailabilityFree to all users
PubMed ArticlesPepBank - a database of peptides based on sequence text mining and public peptide data sources.
Shtatland T, Guettler D, Kossodo M, Pivovarov M, Weissleder R.
BMC Bioinformatics. 2007 Aug 1;8(1):280

Enhancing navigation in biomedical databases by community voting and database-driven text classification.
Duchrow T, Shtatland T, Guettler D, Pivovarov M, Kramer S, Weissleder R.
BMC Bioinformatics. 2009 Oct 3;10:317.

Types of DataProtein-Protein Interactions
Types of ToolsText mining
Small Molecules: 21,691
Last Content Update: August 17th, 2017
Major Organisms
Relative Popularity66
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